Portfolio Category: 2D Vector

ABOUT THE PROJECT L'Oreal is an international fashion brand that creates high quality beauty products. We created the product explainer video for their Salon App targeting Salon owners in Sweden.
ABOUT THE PROJECT Hewlett Packard has been in the innovation and technology business for more than 75 years. We created the product explainer video for SuperDome X Server product.
ABOUT THE PROJECT Haute Totes Etc is an online platform for designers to connect and sell their products. We created their product explainer video for their company homepage.
ABOUT THE PROJECT RealGyde is a platform for everyday people to register and sign-up to become tour hosts and share their local knowledge and passion with travellers. We created their app explainer video.
ABOUT THE PROJECT PeopleCount.org is a non-partisan organization that empowers the public to communicate constructively by taking stands on political issues influencing the country today and seeing the collective results. Through each political profile on PeopleCount.org, users are given a voice to provide relevant and timely solutions to government issues, including some that are not [...]
ABOUT THE PROJECT Integrity Staffing Solutions presents On-Demand, the solution to same-day or short-notice job openings. Backed by 20 years of staffing industry excellence. We created their product explainer video for their company homepage.
ABOUT THE PROJECT Rapid Transformation helps small business owners rapidly grow their business by getting over their mindset blocks & embracing their natural talents. We created the main explainer video for their business website.
ABOUT THE PROJECT A member of the American Translators Association, TranslatedThat offers translation services in multiple languages. Our video sits on their homepage and provides a complete overview of the features and benefits of their services.
ABOUT THE PROJECT Vrient is a family based social network launched in Belgium. We created their introduction video that led their marketing efforts on launch.
ABOUT THE PROJECT Yaswas is owned the by Middle East based Saifi International. They are manufacturers and suppliers of scientific and medical lab equipment. We created a video that introduced their service by highlighting the problems of their industry and focusing on how the company solves those.