11 Fundamental Brand Design Elements you Need to Create a Corporate Identity in the Contemporary World (Part I)

11 Fundamental Brand Design Elements you Need to Create a Corporate Identity in the Contemporary World (Part I)

In the current interactive digital age, corporate identity has evolved into a more holistic concept that extends beyond the creation of just a logo.

Today’s consumers are looking for something deeper i.e. something beyond the physical offerings and its accompanying emblem. Consequently, a brand’s power lies in the creation of engaging and compelling experiences and more importantly, in building an emotional connection with consumers through the creation of a brand personality.

Since brand management involves the creation of experiences, it entails all those aspects which serve as opportunities for interaction with stakeholders.

So what are all the facets you need to build a strong, unique and memorable brand identity?

Read on to find out!

1) Corporate Website Development

Your company is officially dead if it has no website!

A website is the one of the MOST crucial elements that you need to incorporate within your corporate design.

Today’s individuals wish to stay one step ahead of their surroundings. Hence, they like to keep themselves informed regarding not just the products/services they’re going to purchase, but also regarding the company with which they choose to do business.

Your absence on the web can backfire as potential consumers will exclude your offerings from their shopping list if they’re unable to find enough information about you!

According to eMarketer, 86.6% of small and medium sized businesses found websites to be their most useful digital marketing tactic. Forrester Research’s study reinforced these figures by stating that $1.1 trillion of all retail sales were “web-influenced.”

So what are the key aspects of professional website development?

  • SEO Optimized Site Content

 Useful and relevant website content can cause your search engine seo-ranking-and-content-finalrankings to climb up the ladder and even surpass the rankings of competing large corporations. By including industry-related keywords into your website content, search engines are able to rank your website easily. A higher search engine ranking will give your organization a more credible reputation as well as greater visibility on the web.

  • Site Design and Layout

High quality web design is synonymous with clean web design.Your website needs to have a simple and classy web design and layout that tells your visitors regarding your offerings and their benefits at first glance.

Check out these professionally elegant websites that we created for Expert Computer Services (ECS) and W-G Capital



expert pcs

  • WG CapitalE-commerce Portal

It would have been hard to fathom the importance of e-commerce had the world not been as fast-paced as it is today. Most people nowadays refer to shop online for all kinds of items ranging from clothes, shoes and accessories to household and even grocery items including fruits and vegetables!

Scroll down to see the e-commerce websites that we built for Marie Ndolo, a healing artist as well as for Peter Jonas, an interior decorator.

marie ndolo

  • screenshot-www.peterjonasinteriors.com 2016-02-19 15-52-33Build Convenience into your Corporate Website Design

Great web design in the contemporary world doesn’t just incorporate the use of cool themes and colors. Rather, the integration of significant processes-such as payments, form submissions, newsletter subscriptions and donations-into your website will not only enhance the convenience of your visitors, but will also make life easier for you by allowing more efficient management of resources and tasks.

A laptop and an internet connection is all you need to become a member of the World Punjabi Congress!
A laptop and an internet connection is all you need to become a member of the World Punjabi Congress!
Donation has never been this easy and this secure! So don't hesitate and generously donate to the Dominica Cadet Corps in order to further their mission of rebuilding Dominica
Donation has never been this easy and this secure! So don’t hesitate and generously donate to the Dominica Cadet Corps in order to further their mission of rebuilding Dominica
  • Portfolio

Since a lot of potential consumers will have a look at your website before they decide to make the final purchase, it’d be great if your website includes a gallery showcasing your offerings or your previous work that you’ve done for your clients.

Check out Esta Livio's live interviews and music videos at the "Video" section of their portfolio!
Check out Esta Livio‘s live interviews and music videos at the “Video” section of their portfolio!

2) Animated Explainer Videos

explainer video conversion 2 editedIn case you’ve been underestimating the power of animated videos, have a look at these video marketing statistics:

  • Animated explainer videos can increase your conversion by 20% or even more. (Source: Switch Video)
  • Results of a study conducted by Forbes, 75% of business executives watch at least one explainer a weekly basis. The study went on to claim that 59% of senior business executives had a strong preference for viewing animated marketing videosover reading website text and 39% of them actually called vendors after viewing their videos online.
  • According to a recent survey carried out by Video Rascal, 85% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product/service after they have seen a product explainer video.

So what makes explainers such an integral part of your corporate identity?

  • A Promotional Video saves us from the Ordeal of going through Long Paragraphs of Text:
    "This feels like reading a thesis on '101 Ways to Bore Someone'"
    “This feels like reading a thesis on ‘101 Ways to Bore Someone'”

    Explainers hit the bull’s eye by explaining the basic function of a product/service along with educating potential consumers of its benefits concisely.

  • Higher Brand Recall: According to Wharton Research Center, individuals retain 50% of what they see in comparison to what they read.
  • The Art of Storytelling: Storytelling is a fun way of educating your consumers regarding your offerings. Moreover, the creative use of various innovative animation designs adds life to your stories and captivates your audience.

Have a look at the ‘tail’-i mean, ‘tale’-of this cute little cat from Cats in the City!

  • The “Tutorial” Approach: Whiteboard animation videos and demo videos are effective types of animations for explaining relatively novel or complicated products/services.

Check out this sophisticated whiteboard explainer we did for ReConsulting!

explainer-videos and seo 2 edited
Let your SEO rankings soar high with cool animated explainers!
  • SEO Marketing: Just like us,search engines also don’t like boring websites with long paragraphs of text placed on them. Hence, such websites don’t rank too well in search engine rankings, thereby subjectingthemselves to limited exposure. On the contrary, a website with an explainer video is likely to get a higher score in search engine rankings.
  • social-media-management editedBrand Evangelism: Explainers are easily shareable on social networking websites. Moreover, you can greatly increase the online web presence of your explainer videos by uploading them on YouTube and Video.
  • Creation of a Brand Personality: Often, the protagonist in an animated explainer embodies the characteristic traits of a typical member of your target audience. This allows viewers to relate to your video’s central character, leading to the creation of an emotional connection between you and your potential consumers.


3) Corporate Videos: Creation of a Company Profile

Corporate videos generally serve 2 purposes:

  1. Corporate Training Videos:Since corporate training videos are a visual medium of instruction, you’ll find them far more effective at enhancing the learning process of your workers. In addition to this, you’d find these videos to be useful in reinforcing your corporate culture within your organization.
  1. Creation of a Company Profile: The contemporary world of marketing and advertising has evolved into a process which is far beyond ‘cheesy’ sales pitches. Today’s consumers are looking for something deeper. Sophisticated corporate videos can be used to market your company and your products/services to your consumers and clients. Business consumers, in particular, would find more appeal in watching a video that briefly builds the company’s profile, as they’d like to know more about the company with which they choose to choose business.

Take a look at FZ Media Group‘s classy profile in this cool Corporate Showreel we created for them.

4) Corporate Logo Design

Go DuskWorld Punjabi Congress
Being the first element which is normally viewed by potential consumers, your company logo design is the most essential element in building your corporate identity.

In today’s ‘multimedia’ world, nothing can be truer than the fact that people relate to and recognize visual cues faster than text.

Modern logo designs are synonymous with uniqueness!

With the correct use of colors and images, you can create a logo that serves as an accurate representation of your brand personality. Furthermore, you need to design a logo keeping in mind that your logo is a visual representation of your corporate culture including the norms and beliefs that you follow.

In addition to creating a brand identity for your potential consumers, a professional logo design incorporates your future prospects and gives a sense of direction to your employees as well.

The use of custom typography will elevate your logos…and your business!

5) Company Mascots

Spice up your mascots with some 'star power'!
Spice up your mascots with some ‘star power’!

Like logos, character mascots also serve to create a distinct identity and become an enduring symbol of brand personality.

A company mascot will help you in building a personal connection with your target audience, as it’s easier for individuals to relate to a specific character.

So what factors do you need to keep in mind while designing your mascot?

  • Your mascot needs to express your corporate values and personify your brand’s characteristic traits.
  • This family of cartoons is sure to be a big hit with your kids!
    This family of cartoons is sure to be a big hit with your kids!

    Create a mascot that signifies all the benefits that your product/service has to offer as a solution to the problems of your target audience.

Symbolizing the wisdom and strength of Pakistani women
Symbolizing the wisdom and strength of Pakistani women

You might be wondering why we’re placing so much importance on designing character mascots if you already have a logo. The reason is that they’re two related yet separate concepts that work in different ways to represent your corporate identity:


  • Your mascot can interact with your target potential consumers on social networking platforms.
  • If your target audience comprises of children or teenagers, you’d want to increase the appeal of your brand by creating mascots, since people in both these age groups are more likely to be influenced by these as potential role models.




These were 5 of the 11 essential elements that you need to create a unique, memorable and interactive corporate identity. We’ll be back with the rest in our next blog.

Till then,

Happy branding!

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