The 5 Worst Explainer Videos

The 5 Worst Explainer Videos

Everyone’s going ‘gaga’ over explainer videos these days!

Explainer videos are an innovative tool used in digital advertising. They make use of different types of creative animations and rely on compelling narration scripts and storyboarding techniques to explain a company’s products and services. While video advertisements may include a more diverse range of techniques, explainer videos are limited only to animation.

Every company has been engaging explainer video companies to design and produce animated explainers. However, every company does not indulge in professional video production and the work done by many is of an amateurish quality, far from being creative.

While we are still looking for the best explainer videos, we have found the top 5 worst ones.

Scroll down to find out why these videos need some serious improvement and expert advice!

1. Chitrr

I extend my heartfelt sympathies to you if your ears are still weeping!

This explainer video is the perfect example of low quality animation and poor audio quality. The sound effects exploded and screeched after every few seconds; believe me or not, I could feel my ears ringing and my head buzzing for at least 15 minutes after I finished watching this video.

Perhaps, Chitrr should have hired a company with better animation design skills. And yes, poor sound quality is a BIG turn-off so unless you have one of the best software programs, think twice before adding dynamic sound effects.

2. Gab Video

This was one of the most low quality videos that I’ve ever seen on the Internet! The creators of this video totally missed the central point of creating an ‘explainer video’; by failing to include any sort of design and animation, the producers overlooked the basic benefits of explainer videos.

The absence of a proper storyboard and instead, the inclusion of paragraphs of text made the video dull and boring.

My advice to this explainer video production company: Get yourself enrolled in classes that teach you how to make an explainer video and NEVER forget to use at least one of several animation techniques while designing an explainer!

3. Job Search Ninja

This explainer video is an addition to the league of poor quality animations, which is precisely why the overall video fails to create an impact despite the fact that the concept and story revolving around the Job Ninja have the potential to be engaging.

The absence of any verbal dialogue between characters for a major part of the video is another factor that reduces its appeal. The dialogues do appear in a written form on the screen however, the font used is not very catchy so the dialogues are not very prominent and don’t stand out. Moreover, the shift from verbal-to-written and then back from written-to-verbal hampers the flow of the video.

The video is a clear example of how a poor execution strategy can ruin a creative storyboard idea!

4. Techboom Sonic Box

Hopefully after having viewed this video you’d have realized the importance of using a gripping concept that is relevant to your offerings and most important of all, that makes sense!

The constantly pessimistic tone of this ad and the unnecessary use of the word “shit” were annoying to the core! While the central character considered himself to be a “symbol of nothing”, I really think that he was a symbol of low self-worth!

And I’m still wondering why I was asked to imagine myself as a tree, as the idea was totally irrelevant to the product being sold. In fact the presence of the tree in the first few seconds and the comparison of a tree to digital tools was absolutely absurd! What’s more, the implication that a tree is useless was absolutely wrong. Regardless of the century we live in, trees will always be a valued natural resource.

It also seemed like the makers of this video were in a bad mood, since dialogues such as “I live in the 21st century and have shit to do” were unnecessarily sarcastic and made an unneeded show of frustration.

I feel like the makers of this video underestimated the importance of strong and engaging storyboarding techniques!

Word of caution: Never create an explainer video if you’re having a bad day!

5. Washington Realtors

I almost fell asleep while watching this whiteboard animation! The narrative style of the narrator was so monotonous, it seemed like a story with dialogues being read out-that too, in a monotone! The script was very dull and failed to grab the audience’s interest.

The absence of any background music added to the overall lackluster feel of the video.

The font style used was also rather unimpressive and unsophisticated.

Lessons learnt: Go through script-writing tips, use more “alive” expressions while speaking and please don’t use fonts that seem like they’ve been done with a paintbrush!


So after watching these disastrous explainer videos, you hopefully might have learnt what NOT to do with your creations! If you want your video to be the best and amongst the top explainer videos, contact Vidzio!

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