8 Animated Explainer Video Myths that you need to Stop Believing Right Now!

8 Animated Explainer Video Myths that you need to Stop Believing Right Now!

Despite their growing popularity, many people have bizarre concepts regarding explainer videos and are absolutely clueless about how to create an explainer video.

The biggest reason behind all the confusion is the fact that people often draw conclusions based on their personal experiences and speculations, and generalize them into myths.

Read on as we bust all the myths that have been created regarding explainer videos!

myth-busted-editedMyth 1: Animated Explainers should be Devoid of Humor

Fact: Laughter is the Best Medicine

laughter-is-the-best-medicine-editedLet’s face it. With the millions of competing video advertisements present on the internet, your animated explainer has a very small chance of being retained in the viewers’ memory, let alone being noticed!

So how do you carve out a niche for yourself in the hearts and minds of your audience?

By giving them what they want!

And what do audiences want most?

They want to be entertained!

Humor is one of the best ways to grab the attention of viewers and make an explainer video that is laugh-editedmemorable.

The power of humor lies in its ability to induce “feel good” vibes within individuals. The generation of these positive emotions can serve as a great opportunity to influence your audience and draw them to purchase your offerings.

You might be hesitant to use humor if you’re operating in a serious industry such as healthcare. However, if used appropriately, it can prove to be very effective in conveying your message to your target audience. In fact, humor can often be used in creating explainer videos for offerings that are generally perceived to be boring, such as insurance.

Take a look at this video that we created to see a perfectly done witty and catchy  explainer!

Lesson learnt: If used appropriately, humor can do wonders to your explainer!

Myth 2: Humor is an essential ingredient in the creation of the best explainer videos

Fact: Humor isn’t the ONLY best way to put your message across

Nope, we aren’t contradicting with our statement. All we’re saying is that humor doesn’t work always.

It would be utterly shocking and inhuman, for instance, to insert humor into an explainer video that talks about a non-governmental organization’s efforts to rehabilitate the homeless. Using an emotional and sensitive appeal would be more appropriate in such a case, as that would hit the audience more strongly.

Besides, you don’t have to SHOVE humor down the viewers’ throats. So you don’t need to worry if your animated explainer isn’t funny. As long as it conveys your point effectively, it doesn’t HAVE to be funny!

For instance, we brilliantly managed to put Evoque Energy’s point across to the viewers, without adding any humor.

The verdict: There is no fixed rule that dictates explainer video production on the use of humor. At the end of the day, what matters is HOW you showcase your offerings in the most creative and convincing way possible.

broken-rules-editedMyth 3: Professional Videos should be Long and Detailed

Fact: Abide by the “short and sweet” Principle

…..And spare us the torture of going through a dissertation!

A good explainer video must sum up your business idea and deliver your call-to-action in the shortest time possible.

As engaging as your content might be, viewers have short attention spans and tend to discontinue viewing a video if its duration is too long. This can be a huge drawback, because conversion optimization will be at its highest only if your potential customers watch your video completely through till the end, to learn about your products/services completely.bored-edited

According to a survey conducted by Wistia, the average 30-second video is viewed completely by 85% of the audience, whereas the average 2-minute video is viewed through the end by only 50% of the audience.

Statistics released by The Buzz Lab reinforce these numbers and further state that videos that are longer than 2-minutes suffer a drastic viewership drop-off midway.

So how long should your animated business videos be?

Animated explainer specialists claim that 90 seconds are sufficient to explain the key benefits of your offerings without causing your audience to get bored or distracted. Of course, you have exceptions such as whiteboard animation videos or motion graphics, which are slightly longer, since they deal with complex products and services.

Have a look at how we managed to explain the main beneficial features of 50MS’ service in less than 2 minutes !

Myth 4: I’ll save on my Money by writing my own Explainer Video Script

Fact: Being a Scrooge will cost you more than what you werescrooge-edited “saving” up with your Miserly Attitude!

One of my friends claims to be an artist; but each time I look at her “artwork” I keep wondering why her butterflies look like strange creatures straight out of Greek mythology!

Just how everyone can’t draw, everyone can’t write!

Even if you got an A grade in your Academic Writing course, you don’t have the specific knowledge and can’t match the experience brought in by a professional writer. You definitely can’t compare writing essays in school with writing a script for explainer videos. That would be like having an eye surgeon performing heart surgery.

Writing your own script might save you money in the short-term, but if your script turns out to be shitty, your return on investment will be shittier! You’ll end up losing not only your sales, but your reputation and brand credibility as well.

The wisest thing to do is to leave the writing work to an explainer video company and avail their professional video production services.

Need proof?

Talk to Vidzio’s clients, who have experienced surges in their returns on investment as a result of the explainers that we made for them!

Moral of the story: Don’t save your short-term costs at the expense of long-term profits.

Myth 5: Writing my own Explainer Video Script will give me More Control

Fact: Explainer Video Specialists are not as stuck-up and rigid as you think


people-working-together-editedI’m sure that a lot of you hesitate to contact a professional video production company since you feel that by doing so, you would be unable to give shape to your ideas in the manner you desire.

Well, you need to change your perception!

Professional scriptwriters and screenwriters exist to improve the overall quality of your explainer animation. We take your ideas, point out the little flaws that might prevent you from soaring high and add our creative and technical input into them to create a video that gets the best conversion results.

Myth 6: Animated Explainer Videos aren’t Ranked and cannot be Found

Fact: Explainer videos are all over Google Search Results and are also found amongst the Top Search Results too!

social-media-final-editedBut hadn’t you always thought that your video won’t get ranked because Google can’t read digital images?

Well, you were wrong!

Don’t underestimate the power of Google

If you’re thinking how that’s possible, here are 2 simple ways of giving a higher rank to your explainer video on search pages:

  • Embed your explainer video on your website and add keywords to the title, file name, tags, link text and description. This way, Google will be able to associate it with popular search strings and rank it accordingly.
  • Upload your explainer video on social media websites such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo. The more the hits that it gets, the higher your video will move up Google rankings.                    

Myth 7: 3D Animation is the Best Method of Explainer Animation

Fact: As long as you use each animation method appropriately, there is no fixed rule on which method is the best.

The presence of 3D elements definitely makes this type of explainer video animation more appealing.

However, 3D graphics are the most expensive type of animation technique and are definitely not the best option if time constraints dictate you.

Plus, they lose their effectiveness on smaller screens such as cell-phones.

Hence, you might want to consider adopting more responsive options such as:

  • 2D Character Animations

The best way of showing how your offerings solve the problems faced by your target audience.

Here’s the perfect example of a character animation that we made to showcase the solutions that Strategia offers to organize and improve business processes.

  • Kinetic Typography

Nothing can beat the power of kinetic typography to inspire audiences and move them to action without any delay.

Check out this video which is based on a simple idea, but whose immense power lies in its use of typography animation.

  • Whiteboard videos

The classiest way to educate your audiences and explain complex concepts in an interesting manner.

Learn more about this animation technique by watching this video!

  • Motion Graphics

The simplest way to explain relatively complex products/ services and abstract concepts.

Take a look at this cool animated explainer video made using motion graphics!

Keep in mind that incorporating increasingly more graphics into your video will only make them more complicated. Instead, the power of explainer videos lies in various other elements such as how appropriately the animation method has been put to use, the design, storyboard, scriptwriting and voiceover.

Myth 8: People have no interest in watching Product Explainer Videos

Fact: Explainer Video is the Fastest Growing Mode of Advertising

The increasing popularity of explainer videos is largely because people nowadays have neither the time nor the patience to read long paragraphs relating to any topic!

Whoever believes this myth is either still residing mentally in the Stone Age or is underestimating the power of visuals.

Videos are increasingly taking their place amongst the top results on search pages.

According to Video Brewery’s latest statistics:

  • 100 million Internet users watch online videos every day.
  • 90% of online shoppers stated that they found videos to be useful in guiding them in their purchases.
  • 75% of executives claim to watch business-related videos at least once a week.

That’s not all! Idea Machine Studio has predicted that by 2017:

  • Video content will make up 69% of all online traffic
  • The popularity of explainer videos will be three times higher than the current figure.

Point to be noted: Explainer videos are the future of online marketing content


Hopefully you’re now clear on the facts regarding explainer videos and won’t be susceptible to believing any more myths!

Confused about which explainer video production company to contact?
Take a look at Vidzio’s work and get in touch with us right away, as we guarantee to give you the best results!

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