11 Fundamental Brand Design Elements you Need to Create a Corporate Identity in the Contemporary World (Part II)

11 Fundamental Brand Design Elements you Need to Create a Corporate Identity in the Contemporary World (Part II)

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We’re back with the rest of the elements that are essential for the creation of a comprehensive and unique corporate identity.

Just to give you a brief recap, the 5 elements that we discussed in our previous post included:

  • Corporate Website Development
  • Animated Explainer Videos
  • Corporate Videos
  • Corporate Logo Design
  • Company Mascots

Scroll down to learn about the next 6 !

1) Billboard Advertisements

Billboards are the most conventional yet unconventional form of building brand awareness.


Let’s elaborate.

Billboard marketing is the oldest form of advertising that has been employed by companies to establish brand recognition and recall amongst the target audience. However, this advertising medium provides creative advertisers with the greatest scope to display their creative skills to come up with a unique, attention-grabbing billboard poster.

Forbes studied billboard advertising effectiveness and came up with the following statistics:

  • 72% of billboard viewers shop while returning home from work
  • 68% of individuals make their shopping decisions as soon as they see billboards, while in the car.
  • 24% of individuals felt motivated to visit a particular store the same day they saw a billboard sign, while 32% visited the store later in the same week.

Billboard ads are a great way to target areas which might be slightly difficult to reach through advertising media such as TV and print. (for instance, rural areas)

Billboard signs are effective not only if they have a catchy design, but also if they’re placed in central locations or at routes where you expect your target audience to travel through the most.

Have a look at this adorably catchy billboard that we created for Animale Planet!


Billboard2) Website Blogs


letters for a blog post

While discussing websites, we’d stated how consumers today wish to have sufficient knowledge regarding the various offerings that they might be interested in, as well as regarding the industries in which they’re planning to make their purchases.

So how do we explain the link between the establishment of a strong corporate identity, writing a blog and informing consumers?

  • Blog writing would serve as a platform for you to build a more interactive relationship with your consumers not just by providing them with useful information, but also by providing them with a platform to provide their feedback, through the “Comments” section.
  • By posting informative material on your website, you’d be building credibility and trust amongst your potential consumers regarding your brand as well as establishing yourself as a leader and useful information resource in blog 2 editedyour industry. Hubspot’s study suggests that B2B marketers who publish relevant content in their blogs receive 67% higher sales leads and are 13 times more likely to experience positive returns on investment in comparison to those who don’t.
  • A blog is one of the most essential content writing tools that you could employ to boost your SEO rankings: Search engines favor websites which are updated frequently with fresh content. By blogging consistently using industry-related keywords, you’d be giving search engines new content to register thus increasing your SEO rankings. According to Hubspot, companies that publish blog posts get 55% more web traffic as compared to those, owing to higher search engine visibility.
  • Blog posts are easily shareable through social networking websites, allowing you to expand your number of followers easily.
Enjoy reading our interestingly informative blog articles!
Enjoy reading our interestingly informative blog articles!

3) Social Media Identity

Social media bestIn this day and age, if you haven’t established yourself on social media platforms, you may as well not exist.

Your social media profile is the most crucial factor that will help you in creating your corporate identity in the virtual world.

Social Media 1 editedYou can create virtual communities of your online followers using social media networks. Interacting with your consumers would allow you to fuse your beliefs and values with the ideas and characteristic traits of your target audience to create a more comprehensive brand personality.

Moreover, social media is one of the most effective platforms for word-of-mouth, through customer reviews and testimonials.


  • WOM 1 editedWOM 2 editedAccording to a report published by Nielson, 68% of consumers of consumers consider online reviews as the 3rd most trustworthy source they’d like to consult before purchasing a product/service.
  • According to a survey conducted by BrightLocal, 88% of consumers view online reviews to be equally trustworthy as recommendations given by their family members and close friends/acquaintances. Moreover, the survey also stated that 50% of social media users ended up purchasing a product/service within 1 week.

In addition to this, E-Consultancy’s State of Search Marketing Report 2013 states that 74% of organizations integrate social media marketing strategies into their SEO strategy, because your social media profile and activities will often lead to your company showing up amongst the top search results.

4) Banner Advertisements

Banner ads are one of the most specific methods of advertising on the web. With a banner ad, you can target individuals based on very specific characteristics such as purchase history, browsing patterns and geographical locations amongst others.

A banner ad can be placed on websites which:

  • Sell offerings that are similar to yours
  • Comprise of content that is relevant to the industry in which you operate
  • Target a similar target audience as you (regardless of the type of products/services they’re selling)
  • Catering to a specific community or geographical region

Besides this, you can measure the effectiveness of web banner ads by monitoring the Click-Through-Rates, which shows the number of individuals who clicked on your ad and were redirected to your website.

Take a look at some of the cool banner ads that we’ve created,below!

banner ads5) Corporate Brochures

If you’re thinking that brochures are outdated, you’re in for a huge shock!

somerset brochure
Check out this appealingly colorful brochure we designed for Somerset Academy!

Company brochures are particularly useful if used as a tool to build your corporate identity at tradeshows and industrial exhibitions, since they represent your organization and provide detailed information regarding the benefits that your products/service will bring and what problems it will solve.

A study conducted by Bentley University professor Ian Cross stated that 75% of consumers generally found brochures to be a useful information source and 63% found display stands with brochures at tradeshows as useful in educating them regarding the company and its offerings.

While TV and print ads may provide greater exposure, brochures can prove to be more beneficial, because they don’t have to fight for ad space and have a greater chance of getting the undivided attention of readers.

Have a look at the professionally designed brochures we created for Workflow Management Systems and Strategia Solutions.

brochure collage

6) Business Card Design

card collage 1
Have a look at these classy business cards that we created for Work-at-Home-Mums and FZ Media Group

Business cards are often wrongly dismissed as being too old school and outdated. On the contrary, business cards act as a compact tangible representation of your virtual and physical identity.

Presenting a well-designed business card is one of the classiest and most professional ways of introducing yourself to your prospective clients.

The best designed business cards are characterized as both, creative as well as useful:

  • By ‘creative’, we’re emphasizing upon the importance of having an innovative custom business card design, as that gives the impression of a unique experience, thereby attracting purchases.
  • By ‘useful’, we’re highlighting the importance of incorporating necessary details including your name, designation, contact information, email address, website address and address of physical outlet.

A professional business card design conveys your corporate identity through its design, layout and the use of appropriate colors and fonts.

In addition to this, exchanging business cards will make it easier for you to market your business, establish new connections and add new individuals to your base of clientele on the spot at trade shows and business conferences and seminars.

Here are some examples of business cards that we did for Spice India, Canton and Strategia Solutions.

card collage 2

Having discussed all these elements, it’s important to note that in order to create a strong corporate identity, you need to make sure that you promote a consistent message and create a coherent brand image across all mediums of interaction.

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