Got questions? Read through our list of FAQs to find out more about Vidzio and how we operate.

The price would depend on the specific requirements and complexity of the video. You can go to our ‘Get Started’ page for an exact quote depending on your requirements.

The more information you provide to us, the better we’ll be able to incorporate your business idea into the video. We would want a basic introduction of your company and business that you want the video for. Your website or any other social media page from which we can gather information and get a general idea about your business would be helpful, plus we would need your logo in a high quality format to use in the video.

We require a 50 percent deposit at the start of the project, and the rest will be paid upon the completion of the project only when you are fully satisfied by the outcome. We accept payments through PayPal, all credit/debit cards, and direct bank transfer.

Our turnaround time varies according to the complexity and length of the videos.

The average turnaround time can be estimated at 10-15 days.

We always provide clients an exact turnaround time after we get all the requirements and before we initiate production.

Yes we can. You can refer to any videos from our portfolio that you have liked or any other style that you might have seen elsewhere and we will incorporate that style into your video.

You can even draw up characters and scenes and we’ll design and put them in your video!

We provide a large choice of voice overs from professional voice over artists.

We have a wide range of voice artists, both male and female voices with various accents and dialects and you can listen to all the voices and pick the one you like best.

Our scriptwriters are all successful writers in the fields of online marketing, publishing and media so we can provide you with a hard-hitting script or storyboard every time.

Absolutely you can.

Or if you have a rough text and need help tweaking it, our experienced script writers can make sure it’s optimized for the best results.

Unlimited! Until you’re absolutely satisfied with the final product.

Yes, we provide effective royalty-free music tracks for the video to compliment the visuals.

Yes we do, *boink!*

We are available 24/7 through email, Skype or phone, providing you constant updates on the progress, so that it’ll be like us working right next to you!

Ready to roll? Get a quote now.